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  • Fatal addiction: A visual guide of America on drugs
    In modern history, few things have caused such a sharp spike in US deaths as drug overdoses.
  • Toddler tries to wake mom after apparent overdose
    The video above is hard to watch. If you'd prefer not to, here's what it shows: A woman who has collapsed in the middle of a dollar store, and her toddler daughter, screaming and crying and clutching her mother's listless body.
  • FDA launches app competition to help fight heroin overdose
    The US Food and Drug Administration announced a challenge to the tech wizards of Silicon Valley this week: build an app to combat opioid overdoses. The 2016 Naloxone App Competition will run from Friday through November 7, and all submissions are welcome.
  • Branson: War on drugs a trillion-dollar failure
    In 1925, H. L. Mencken wrote an impassioned plea: "Prohibition has not only failed in its promises but actually created additional serious and disturbing social problems throughout society. There is not less drunkenness in the Republic but more. There is not less crime, but more. ... The cost of government is not smaller, but vastly […]
  • Police: 5 dead at shooting at Washington state mall
    Four people were killed in a shooting at a mall in Burlington, Washington, on Friday night, a spokesman for the Washington state patrol tweeted. Police are searching for at least one shooter, Sgt. Mark Francis said.

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Dr Susan Solomon courtesy MIT
Dr. Susan Solomon, Climate Scientist

In 2008 we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Dr. Susan Solomon, at the time with NOAA in Boulder, about climate change.  Dr. Solomon had led two expeditions to McMurdo Station in ...Read more