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Island Issues on Demand

Oregon humane doggie
Two Oregon Humane Societies

Dean Cox, Director of The Columbia Humane Society in St. Helen, Oregon — one of the smallest in the state–and David Lyttle of  Oregon Humane Society in Portland, the largest in the ...Read more

bidr and kares at airport
Big Island Dog Rescue and KARES

Tasi Autele of Big Island Dog Rescue and Debbie Cravatta of KARES (Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service) talk about shipping animals to the mainland for adoption, spaying and neutering, ...Read more

Beth Jose and Donna Whitaker
Hawaii Island Humane Society

This 42-minute talk story (longer than usual) is about the critical work on this island of dealing with unwanted pets and what Hawaii Island Humane Society is doing, with Executive Director Donna ...Read more