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  • Kevin

    What is it with this Lava Liz? She should be called whining Liz. She is the most negative week minded woman ever to be on air. When I listen to her whining and pessimistic comments I want to cut my wrists. Do Hawaii a favor and make her STOP TALKING about her personal life! She is the worst ever… send her to counseling or have her change her life… get her on some meds for gods sake!

  • Donald Dunne

    Please, please before it is too late, fix this station, please!
    The new morning show is a disaster, and is un-listenable.
    And the new play list is waaaay too soft. I used to really enjoy this station, I mean for an outer island in Hawaii anyway. You are pushing me to listen exclusively to DC, and then poor Brad Freeman. Please, please before it is too late.
    Start with the PD and work from their.
    do you even look at your website? Is it managed by anyone?
    It still lists Lava Liz?? And also Israel and Danny as the Morning Show.
    A bit embarrassing I’d say!

  • Donald Dunne

    Please, you are ruining this station!
    1. The Morning Show is worse than it was before, and it unlistenable!
    2. Do you ever check your web-site at all?
    It is so out of date, you still have Danny and Israel on it prominently.
    Even now at 3:02 in the afternoon is shows that Lava Liz is on-air.
    Do you care at all.
    Bottom line-I liked your station and it was one of only two I listen to. Please do not let it get any worse.

  • Uma Murillo Ojeda

    What’s that event email? Love to let you and your listeners know about a great rock music happening this Saturday night! The Average Joe Band from Hilo plays at Laverne’s from 7-10pm featuring Uma Ojeda on killer vocals featuring rock, pop & Top 40: Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainer, Journey, Joan Jett, B-52’s, and such fun music to dance to!! Check it out on Facebook: Average Joes @Lavernes! Mahalo

  • Walt Browning

    I wonder if you ever plan on putting lava 105.3 online for listening? My wife and I visit the big island annually, but miss your radio station when we are back home. Thanks for a great station.