Island Issues

Miracle at Sea Part 2: Sydnie Uemoto and David McMahon Swim for 20 Hours After Landing at Sea

We continue our conversation with pilot Sydnie Uemoto, part of the duo that was “The Miracle at Sea”, landing their disabled lane 25 miles off the Kona Coast and then swimming for 20 ...Read more

Miracle at Sea: Sydnie Uemoto and David McMahon Swim for 20 Hours After Landing at Sea

In Part 1 of a two-part talk story, pilot Sydnie Uemoto talks about the challenges of landing a disabled plane in 4- to 6-foot seas 25 miles off the Kona Coast, and how she and her copilot swam for ...Read more

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim: March, 2017 Update

Harry Kim has been in office since December 5, 2016–just over three months.  We get an update…topics include budget, building permits, his thoughts about the “haves” and ...Read more

Lili’uokalani Gardens in Hilo: Celebrating 100 Years

We are several months in to the centennial of the death of QueenLili’uokalani, and of the Hilo park which bears her name.  We talk about what’s new in this year’s celebration as ...Read more

Vog! What, why, how to mitigate, with Tamar Elias of Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and John Peard, State Department of Health

Vog is a fact of life on Hawaii Island and to a lesser degree, throughout the state.  Hawaiian Volcano Observatory gas geochemist Tamar Elias talks about the physical aspects of volcanic ...Read more

Volcano Update: Kilauea and Mauna Loa with Tina Neal of Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Hawaii Island’s two most active volcanoes are Kilauea, continuously erupting since 1983, and Mauna Loa, which has not erupted since 1984 but has been restless in the past few years.  The ...Read more

Hawaii State Judiciary Part 2, with Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald

Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald was here on the island several weeks ago, and he and host Sherry Bracken talked about the responsibilities of the judges, the pros and cons of electing judges, how ...Read more

Hawaii State Judiciary, Part 1, with Assoc. Justice Sabrina McKenna and Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald

In Part 1, we rebroadcast a talk story with Associate Justice Sabrina McKenna, recorded in 2011.  We get the court basics and have the wonderful experience of learning more about her and a ...Read more

Climate Change, National Security, and More, with Ret Rear Adm David Titley Part 2

Retired Navy Rear Admiral David Titley retired from the Navy after 3 decades, with his area of expertise being climate change, meteorology, and navigation.  He now consults at the federal level on ...Read more

Climate Change and National Security, Part 1, with Ret Rear Adm David Titley

We often think of environment or financial issues surrounding climate change, but national security?  Rear Adm. David Titley was the Navy’s climatologist and meteorologist, and lead a Navy ...Read more