Island Issues

KTA Superstores Part 2 with Barry and Toby Taniguchi

Part 2 of our conversation with Barry and Toby Taniguchi of KTA Superstores continues with discussion of the local product focus, Derek Kurisu, leadership, challenges, regulation. Air Date:  May ...Read more

KTA Superstores: Barry and Toby Taniguchi

Fewer than 2% of Hawaii’s businesses are 100 years old–KTA Superstores, a Big Island business, is one.  This is Part 1 of a two-part conversation with the grandson and great grandson ...Read more

Hawaii County Prosecutor Mitch Roth

Mitch Roth was elected Prosecutor in 2012, with a promise to look at cold cases with a new eye.  He’s doing that for both murder and sexual assault cases.  We learn more about that and ...Read more

Darryl Oliveira: Emergency Prep Update AND Aloha!

Former Hawaii County Fire Chief Darryl Oliveira, after 3+ years heading up Hawaii County Civil Defense, is now officially retired.  We talked on April 29 to get his final update, and let us say ...Read more

Rapid Ohia Death

A horrible disease is threatening Hawaii Island’s 800,000 acres of ohia forests, which make up the bulk of our watershed and provide habitat for birds and other native species.  Ohia is the ...Read more

Mayor Billy Kenoi–April 2016 Update

Mayor Billy Kenoi is facing some legal issues, but is the Mayor of Hawaii County until Dec. 5, 2016.  We ask whether he plans to resign, and about budget, bonds, a possible General Excise Tax ...Read more

Hawaii Department of Ag Chair Scott Enright, Part 2

Hawaii Island resident Scott Enright became Chair and Director of State Department of Agriculture under Gov. Neil Abercrombie and was reappointed by Gov. David Ige.  Scott talks more about ...Read more

Hawaii Agriculture, with State Ag Chair Scott Enright, Part 1

Scott Enright lives on Hawaii Island and serves in Gov. David Ige’s cabinet as head of Agriculture.  The two part talk story airs Sun. Mar. 20 and Sun. April 3, with topics including ...Read more

State Agriculture Land Use Study, Part 2, with Jeff Melrose plus State Ag Chair Scott Enright

We continue our conversation with Jeff Melrose about the study he and UH Hilo produced about agriculture land use in the state.  State Department of Agriculture Chair Scott Enright tells us why he ...Read more

State Agriculture Land Use Study with Jeff Melrose, Part 1

Land use planner Jeff Melrose worked with UH Hilo to create a statewide agriculture land use study, the first update since 1980 (35 years).  In Part 1 of 2, Jeff talks about the study and what ...Read more