Island Issues

Geothermal Power, and Puna Geothermal Venture

Dr. Don Thomas of UH Hilo has been studying both water and geothermal resources since the 1970s; Mike Kaleikini is with Puna Geothermal Ventures (now closed because of lava).  We learn about ...Read more

FEMA and SBA and the lava flow

Have you or someone you know been impacted by the lava flow, either directly or from vog, from the loss of tourism, a downturn in business?  FEMA and the SBA are on the island to provide ...Read more

“Running for Grace,” a movie made on the Big Island of Hawaii

We talked with David L. Cunningham, who co-wrote and directed the film “Running for Grace,” and Derek Hall, Managing Director of Honua Studios in Kona’s Costco Industrial Area.  ...Read more

Governor Candidate, Governor David Ige

Governor David Ige was elected in 2014 and is running for re-election.  He faces US Rep Colleen Hanabusa in the Primary on August 11, running on the Democratic Party ticket.  Hear what he has to ...Read more

Lava Hazard Maps, and Impact of the Lava Flow on Real Estate

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geophysicist Jim Kauahikaua tells us about when, why, and how the lava  hazard zone maps were developed.  Realtor Gretchen Osgood gives us an update on real estate ...Read more

Lava Impact on the Big Island’s Electric Supply and Demand

HELCO (Hawaii Electric Light Company) provides the bulk of the electricity to the Big Island.  The lava flow in lower Puna has meant the loss of Puna Geothermal (which provided around 1/4 of the ...Read more

Governor Candidate: US Representative Colleen Hanabusa

This year the citizens of Hawaii will vote for a Governor.  On the Democratic ticket, there are two major contenders–Governor David Ige and United States Representative Colleen Hanabusa.   ...Read more

Hawaii County Managing Director and Acting Mayor, Wil Okabe

We spoke with Wil Okabe, the Hawaii County Managing Director and Acting Mayor on Wed., June 20, about providing short term and long term housing for lava evacuees, the county budget, and the ...Read more

Singapore Botanic Garden with Dr. Nigel Taylor

This past week, US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un held their summit in Singapore.  That brought to mind an interview we aired in November, 2016 with Dr. Nigel, the ...Read more

Lava Stories: Tina Neal, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory; Kilauea Lodge’s Lorna Jeyte and Janet Coney, plus Emily Catey Wise from Volcano Art Center

The lava eruption continues in the Lower East Rift Zone of Hawaii Island, and the summit continues to have periodic (every 24-48 hours) eruptions of gas, ash, and steam.  We find out from Hawaiian ...Read more