Island Issues

Pharmaceutical drugs, Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria–impact on Hawaii Island?

It turns out, there are around 80 pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico–all of which were closed because of Hurricane Maria in early October, 2017.  That has affected the supply ...Read more

Is HELCO prepared in case of emergency?

Hawaii Electric Light Company, or HELCO, is the primary energy provider for the Big Island of Hawaii (there are a small number of folks who are completely self-powered).  IF we have an ...Read more

9-1-1 Service in Hawaii County: who responds, what should we know?

When you are on Hawaii Island and call 9-1-1, who responds?  It’s Hawaii County Fire Department, the only department in the state that handles not just fires but also search and rescue, ...Read more

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim, Part 2 — about Hawaii’s false missile alert

In Part 2 of our conversation (Part 1 aired Jan. 28, 2018), Mayor Kim tells us what happened here in Hawaii County on January 13, 2018, with the false missile alert…and his thoughts on ...Read more

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim, Part 1 –Jan 28, 2018

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim talks about the North Kona water well situation, the County budget and his willingness to consider streamlining, rat lungworm disease, and more.  We recorded the ...Read more

Mauna Loa Volcano Update, Part 2 with Civil Defense and HVNP

IF Mauna Loa Volcano erupts, Hawaii County Civil Defense will be/should be responsible for notification to the public.  We talk with HCCD Director Talmadge Magno.  IF it erupts, since the summit ...Read more

Rat Lung Disease with Governor’s Joint Task Force

Island Issues host Sherry Bracken spoke with members of the Hawaii Governor’s Joint Task Force on Rat Lungworm Disease,  Vernon Ansdell, M.D., internal medicine specialist and tropical ...Read more

Mauna Loa Volcano Update, Part 1

Mauna Loa Volcano continues to be a bit restive…in Fall, 2015 Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientists raised the threat level to Yellow, Advisory, because of increased seismic activity and ...Read more

Rat Lungworm, the Update Part 2 (Dr Susan Jarvi, Dr Jon Martell, plus Keith Kawaoka of State Health

We continue our update on rat lungworm with Dr. Susan Jarvi of UH Hilo College of Pharmacy and Dr. Jon Martell of Hilo Medical Center, PLUS a discussion with Keith Kawaoka, State Department of ...Read more

Rat Lungworm, the Update, Part 1, with Dr. Jon Martell and Dr. Susan Jarvi

Following our Dec. 10 rebroadcast of the 2015 talk story with Dr. Jon Martell of Hilo Medical Center and Dr. Susan Jarvi of UH Hilo College of Pharmacy, we recorded an update a few weeks ago, to ...Read more